Hello everyone! My name is Ali Syed and welcome to my little bubble on the Internet!

I am currently a computer science student attending the University of Toronto. I have several years of coding with languages like Python x3 and Java 8, and have become experienced with concepts like files, object-oriented programming, sorting, and recursion. I have done several projects using these two languages and you can check some of them out in the projects section.

Even though I am a computer science student, I still love to pursue different activities.

What I am currently working on

I am gaining experience with web development. As of right now, I am using WordPress to learn how to build a website, but the plan is to gain knowledge about HTML, CSS, and Javascript so that I can get my creativity involved with web development. 

I am also currently experimenting with Unity as well as C# and making some basic games. I have experience making games, but so far, I have only considered the programming part. I have not considered the artwork, voice narration, and the extra components that are outside of programming that makes a game amazing. While I have done the artwork of my game through code before, I want to try to draw and animate a game for a change. I believe Unity is a great place to start for me to get some hands-on experience with these different components of a game.

While I may be a computer science student, I have a variety of interests and lots of hobbies that I am pursuing.


I am currently the partnerships executive at an organization called Tech Under Twenty. This organization helps students to develop a foundation of skills in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. We run a variety of events and programs to elicit potential out of our student body. To check out our website, here it is: https://techundertwenty.com/

I have made sure to volunteer and contribute to the community as much as I can. An organization that I am very proud to have and will continue to volunteer at is at the MyRec Centre. MYRec is able to give such a wonderful experience for families and youth to come out, have fun and establish a network among the Milton community. Two of my greatest roles in this organization are: a MYFest Volunteer 2017 and an Assistant Coach for MYRec Soccer 2018. 

Online Presence

Youtube is something I have been doing for a while. It started off as something that my friends and I did for fun, but now I am using it as a platform to share my knowledge with others. The online world provides so many opportunities to share and connect with others, so I decided to go for it.

Recently, I started to upload videos on Udemy to help others in certain concepts. So far, I have done a series of videos that help people to become familiar with the french tenses. Teaching others helps me feel good at the end of the day as I am potentially helping others with the knowledge that I have gained over the years. 


  • DELF Certification – awarded by the French Ministry of Education to authenticate my French skills (2019)
  • Game of the Year Computer Science (2018)
  • Certification of Excellence in Computer Engineering (2018)
  • Honor Roll – All four years of my high school (2015-2019)
  • DECA Regionals Top 10 Oral and Written Awards (2018-2019)


  • Programming on my own time
  • Creating content (Youtube, Udemy)
  • Play soccer, basketball, and getting back to cricket
  • Drawing (both sketching and digital art like photoshop)

Interesting Facts

  • I speak three languages: English, French, and Urdu.
  • I have a typing speed of 95 WPM on NitroType: https://www.nitrotype.com